Molecular Diagnostics: Fundamentals, Methods and Clinical Applications

18 Apr 2013

Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics: Fundamentals, Methods and Clinical Applications 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Lela Buckingham introduces the fundamentals of nucleic acid biochemistry as well as the advanced concepts integral to professional practice in today’s laboratories. It is the first text on molecular diagnostics specifically designed to educate students in clinical laboratory science programs!

The authors have combined their knowledge and experience as educators to bring you the book you and your students have been asking for. This book also describes advanced concepts for students learning at a higher level. And, your students will be better prepared for the future with discussions of general diagnostic procedures that emphasize the continuing emergence of new diagnostic technologies.

With approximately 3 to 7 chapters per section, each chapter has a chapter outline, a set of learning objectives, and numerous figures, diagrams, photographs, and tables illustrating the major points. Advanced concepts are placed in separate boxes contained in the chapter. There are also historical highlights that are sectioned off into boxes. Numerous study questions are located at the end of each chapter with answers to these questions located in an appendix at the end of the book.
Clinical case studies are located at the end of chapters and are used to reinforce the learning objectives of that chapter. There is a list of references at the end of each chapter and an index at the end of the book. Important terms are bold printed in the text, which is most helpful. However, there is no glossary of terms in the book and that would be my recommended addition for future editions.

This book is eminently suitable for use by clinical chemists, pathologists, medical technologists, and biochemists. With the increased interest in molecular techniques and their use in the clinical laboratory, the reviewer has been searching for a good textbook. Her students and colleagues agree that this should be the textbook for current and future classes. It should serve as an excellent textbook for an undergraduate or beginning graduate course.

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