Principles and Practice of Clinical Bacteriology 2e

2 May 2013

Principles and Practice of Clinical Bacteriology

Principles and Practice of Clinical Bacteriology 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Stephen Gillespie and Peter M. Hawkey offer invaluable information on the parasitology, pathogenesis, epidemiology and treatment strategies for each pathogen while offering a succinct outline of the best current methods for diagnosis of human bacterial diseases.

Our understanding of bacterial genetics and pathogenicity has been transformed due to the availability of whole genome sequences and new technologies such as proteomics and transcriptomics. The present, completely revised second edition of this greatly valued work has been developed to integrate this new knowledge in a clinically relevant manner.

With contributions from an international team of experts in the field, this book is an invaluable reference work for all clinical microbiologists, infectious disease physicians, public health physicians and trainees within these disciplines. New pathogens have been described, and some species thought to have been pathogenic have been demonstrated only to be commensals. Improved classification, often driven by molecular methods, has increased our ability to study the behavior of bacteria in their interaction with the human host.

New treatments have become available, and in other instances, resistance has developed, making infections with some species more difficult to manage. In this revision the authors and editors have endeavoured to provideup-to-date and comprehensive information that incorporates this new knowledge, while remaining relevant to the practice of clinical bacteriology.

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