Essentials of Food Science 3rd Edition, Vickie A. Vaclavik

21 Jun 2013

Essentials of Food Science

Essentials of Food Science 3rd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Vickie A. Vaclavik and Elizabeth W. Christian cover the basics of foods, food science, and food technology. The book is meant for the non-major intro course, whether taught in the food science or nutrition/dietetics department. In previous editions the book was organized around the USDA Food Pyramid which has been replaced.

The revised pyramid will now be mentioned in appropriate chapters only. Other updates include new photos, website references, and culinary alerts for culinary and food preparation students. Two added topics include RFID (Radio frequency ID) tags, and trans fat disclosures. This book includes updates on: food commodities, optimizing quality, laws, and food safety.

Knowledge of food science is applicable to all persons, in diverse college majors. This text is designed with a user-friendly approach to Food Science for the non-major. This text reviews an Introduction to Food Components quality and water. Next it addresses carbohydrates including starches, pectins and gums, breads and pasta, vegetables and fruits. Then proteins meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, milk and milk products are presented.

Following proteins are fats and emulsions. Then sugars and sweeteners, and baked products, the latter of which builds upon basic food component knowledge. Various aspects of Food Production are examined, including food safety, preservation and processing, food additives and packaging. Government regulation and labeling complete the chapter information. New in this edition are “Culinary Alerts!” scattered throughout chapters. Their inclusion sallow the reader to more easily apply text information to cooking applications.

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